This is also a question that we often hear as slot machines are divided into two large families: the bad ones and the online ones. It is therefore thought that in one case or another, there are more possibilities to screw the system and break, but also in some way to be screwed by unscrupulous managers, so let’s see if it is easier to manipulate bar slots or online slots.

One thing is certain, and there was a time when the controls in the bars and game rooms were practically non-existent. Therefore it was quite easy to manipulate the machines by bartenders and fraudulent managers by rigging them in their favor, with the result that the player’s nothing was left of what was wagered, so much money spent on no winnings.

This lasted for several years, there have been several episodes throughout Italy and beyond that have made the competent authorities news and alarmed considerably, until the moment when we have reached a point where there was a need for intervention strong, with a resolute action to wipe out the problem once and for all.

Furthermore, the mathematical algorithms and possible combinations also multiply; therefore, the behavior of the machine becomes even more variable.

Is there an algorithm to be manipulated in the slots?

A technique to follow is that of “doubling,” to be used when you are in a positive phase, as the slot is probably in the “unloading” phase, so it can be a good strategy to increase or double the bet when the winnings continue to be repeated, always keeping your nerves steady and the psychological situation under control, because if you understand that he has finished paying, then exit the game. But you have to understand it.

Yes, because in the end, in gambling, what matters most are not the economic skills, certainly luck, to get out of the winning casinos. But what is far more important is self-control, the ability to have a detached and objective behavior towards money, something that only the great professionals can achieve.

It takes a strong character and very strong nerves to abandon a car that gave you winnings may be at the first few strokes, but if you are reading this piece, then you also know that the machines are programmed precisely for this: to make you win especially at the beginning, then let you stay and replay everything until you lose it. You may not like this statement, but it is pure and simple reality.

The algorithm is therefore calibrated on this line and follows the progress of the bets of an average bettor, who presumably increases the bet when he receives an excellent win because he can win even more. Nothing could be more wrong, except in cases where the machine is unloading, the only way to manipulate the slot software is to decrease the bet when you are winning.

In this way, the system that regulates the bets will be confused because it does not expect such behavior on your part and also in cases of big winnings. Once you are positive, the best thing you can do is to leave the slot and put your winnings in your pocket.

This is a strategy very similar to what we call “hit and run” and which consists in taking advantage of the initial winnings of the different machines and as soon as it is collected, change immediately and dedicate to another one, until repeating the scheme for all the machines of the room. In this way, you will make the most of all the most probable lucky series at the first shots.

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